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How does AIMS perform the magic behind school management?

By being Integrated, Complete, Simple and Modern.

How does AIMS keep ahead?

By being the most ADVANCED school administration system available. It is complete with all of the functionalities that any school requires.

Extremely intuitive- meaning no money/time is wasted on lengthy training processes. Elevation Technology is as intuitive as a social media app.

It is built on the idea of 'Coordinated Learning'- Students, teachers, parents and management all work together towards student academic progress.

As a web-application, AIMS is always up to date- new features are added throughout the year- with plenty of notifications and free, instant online-training.

AIMS harnesses the latest technologies available providing schools with the most complete, cost-effective and advanced school management system available on the market.

Using the latest web and cloud technologies- schools will further reduce significant costs associated with outdated legacy-systems.

Built from the ground up- AIMS boasts many features. Thanks to its cutting edge architecture- the feature list is always expanding without ever needing to upgrade/install.

The system is built with the user in mind. Student reports takes one click of a mouse button. To obtain the report of the entire school requires an additional click. All generated in under a few seconds.