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The River School

The initial thought process when enquiring about AIMS was partially motivated by price and first-hand reviews of other systems used in schools which were rather disappointing.

At the time, we were encouraged by all the features offered by AIMS whilst recognising that it was new to the market. The offer of a month’s free trial convinced us to have a good look at the system and fully evaluate the software.

We considered pricier alternatives, including the market leader but, in truth, AIMS was not only far cheaper, but it also had a more straightforward user interface and offered far more features.

Throughout lockdown, we have become more and more comfortable with AIMS features, from data reports to timetabling, and this has reassured us that buying AIMS was the right one. Their support team has been excellent throughout; on hand to help all the way through the onloading process, and they even added some features to help us meet specific requirements.

We have now used AIMS for the majority of the year and would not hesitate in recommending this MIS solution to other schools and Colleges.

Lydia Parsonage – Headteachers PA

Vase Academy

We had several MIS demonstrations but AIMS stood out from the rest as it looked so easy to use, and we like the fact that we can have all our data in one place.

My Teachers, Teaching Assistants, and pastoral staff are using AIMS to evidence their great work with our children. It has helped unmeasurably having a dedicated staff portal for my teachers to take registers, give student praise, and log assessments scores.

All Safeguarding leads have been receiving SMS text notifications when a safeguarding case has been logged so we can respond in the least amount of time. Ensuring that we do our best to keep all our young people safe.

We now use the AIMS learning objective marking module, which allows my staff to show student academic achievement. Allowing us to apply early academic intervention when a student’s level is below what we expect it to be.

AIMS features never lack in quality and they always seem to have put a lot of thought into functionality and saving us time.

The body mapping feature is an important tool for us as a school. It allows us to highlight injuries and visualise injuries over time.

AIMS really does allows me to manage my school effectively.

Mohammad Madjid- Proprietor and Headteacher

IQRA – Secondary School

AIMS were known to us previously because we had seen a demo at another school within the Association.

At first, we were concerned that it was mainly for Primary Schools but after trialling the software for 30 days, we found it deals expertly well with all the requirements of a forward-thinking Secondary School including Staff Cover, Parent Portal and Key Stage Assessments. Recently, we have seen the work they are doing with Progress 8 and cannot wait for the updates which, I am told are at no cost.

Alia Hussain – Administrator

Lloyd Williamson Schools

We are an 'all through' independent school (from nursery up to age 16) based in the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea.

I am very happy with ET-AIMS - all information is easily visible and downloadable. The SLT can see any issues in 'real time'.

AIMS is easy to use but contains a great deal of very sophisticated information. The timetabling feature is particularly useful enabling us to have all three of our timetables in one system.

The safeguarding feature enables prompt action, and the learning objectives and assessments simplify the teachers' planning processes.

The parents love the Parent Portal where they can see their child's progress.

ET-AIMS has all the important features you would expect from a good MIS are here plus quite a few more which really help us to make strategic decisions for the school.

Deborah Thackeray – Senior Administrator

Silver Birch School

I initially looked at AIMS because what they said they were offering for the price sounded good value for money. My staff have all that they need in one place. We have always been a good school and now have much greater insight into our school data. My staff love AIMS as it was very uncomplicated, and they needed little to no training at all. We used to spend hours exporting attendance, behaviour, and assessment data. Now we have the correlation between all 3 visualised, so we can see clearly when a student’s attendance or behaviour is having a direct effect on their assessments.

We would recommend AIMs to schools.

Noel Thomas – Executive Headteacher

Ashbrooke House

We came across some positive reviews of AIMS on the Independent Schools Association forum and invited them to demo. What stood out for us was the ease of use and just how many features AIMS had. The cost and flexibility of their agreement plus the ease of onloading confirmed the views of several schools on the forum that this is a MIS for forward thinking schools.

Adrian Gifford – School Principal